Ivy B Photography is Growing! #dreamteam!

Big news over here at IBP! I am beyond excited to introduce you all to my new team members, Sarah & Mitko! They are my dream team that keep IBP working smoothly!


They're all the way up in Ohio helping this southern girl out by being the best virtual assistantst a girl could ask for and I could not be more thankful for all of their hard work! Also, they win cutest couple award, #amiright? Sarah & Mitko, make sure that IBP's emails & social media presence is up to date...and they help me keep my sanity when I feel like I'm drowning in work. 


They're world travelers and somehow seem to forget to bring me & Clay along for those trips...#punks. Slowly but surely though, they're not only becoming my right hand people (which is a big deal for this control freak), but I'm slowly converting them to southerners! Mitko's favorite hot sauce is Louisiana hot sauce and I got Sarah to use the word "y'all"! #scoreforthesoutherners! The day she used "y'all" for the first time, I got a text from her telling me that I should be proud of her for finally using that word in an #instagram post haha! Before too long, I'll have them both saying "Sha" & loving Mardi Gras and King Cakes...or at least I'm gonna try ;) 


I'm not gonna lie though y'all, when my husband sat me down to tell me it was time to let the reigns go a little bit and hire a virtual assistant, I fought it pretty hard. I mean, IBP is my baby! I've grown it and my relationship with so many of you by being diligent, learning from my mistakes, trying and failing, trying and triumphing...I could go on. How in the world was I ever going to find someone that I trusted enough to answer all those emails the way I would, that would create a sense of friends and family the way I like all of my clients to feel since that's how I feel about all of you? How was I going to trust them to blog and post on social media for me or to learn a new client management program that I'd been too lazy to set up from my old way of doing things? So, my hunky hubs decided to go ahead and find a few candidates for me since all I found myself doing was overthinking and finding ways to NOT hire someone. #overthinkersunite #amiright 

I fought it but the hubs found 3 potential candidates for me on www.upwork.com and the interviewing commenced. We liked our first candidate but were still unsure & set up the next interview with Sarah. Y'all, from the moment this chick opened her mouth we were basically sold. She's confident, so much fun, and has a personality that just pulls you in and not only puts you at ease but makes you feel right at home. Needless to say, we never scheduled the 3rd interview because within 30 min, we'd decided that Sarah was our girl! She quickly caught on and made us fall in love with her cute self! Before we knew it, she'd introduced us to her boyfriend, Mitko, who offers the same virtual assisting that she does. Now they've joined forces as our dream team! He's our marketing guru and she's our artsy side of all things IBP. They balance out IBP so well and help my hubs keep me focused so that we can create the best experience and products for YOU! Welcome to the IBP family, Sarah & Mitko! We love y'all!!