Say hello to our sweet girl, Andy Kate::Our Adoption Journey


I cannot believe I'm finally writing this blog post. We shared our heart and struggle with infertility last year and now, at last, this year, we can introduce you to our precious, little girl! We expected & were told that this journey through adoption can take up to two years, so when we started this process, we set our hearts on waiting. We prayed, were filled with God's peace that passes all understanding (cause trust me y'all, we are not the most patient people hah!), and waited. As we began filling out the mountains of paperwork, collecting the many documents the state and agency required, and spoke with many of our friends that have adopted or are adopted, the whole thing still seemed years away and almost unreal...if that makes sense. We felt so much love & support from all of you that at times we were overwhelmed with emotion. Y'all, people we didn't even know were donating and praying for us from all over! I mean, what? All we could think was that this was the Lord showing us that we were on the right path and simply say the insufficient words of "thanks" as you all poured out your love on us. I'm choking up thinking of that sweet time and eagerly await the day that I can tell our girl how loved she was before she was even known about.


Then, one night, I was working late to finish sessions for my sweet clients during the season of chaos, as us "togs" like to call it, and we get THE had only been 5 months. To protect the privacy of, & out of respect for, our amazing birth mama, I won't mention names, but I will tell you that she contacted us through a series of circumstances that are unimportant. She asked if we would be willing to adopt her baby and love it as our own & that she just knew that this baby was supposed to be ours. After talking it over, because let's be honest, raising a child is no small thing  and holy cow that was a fast match!!, we told her that we would be overjoyed to be her child's parents! Little did we know that this pivotal moment, this huge question, asked with such emotion, trust, and some trepidation, would bring us, thanks to our sweet Savior, the most amazing, strong, beautiful, selfless, incredible baby mama and friend! Through the next few months, we got to know our birth mom and heart on a very deep level and, to be honest, I don't think we can ever say how much we love her. She loved her/our girl enough to provide a life for her that she could not &, in turn, made us parents. Parents, my friends. Something we didn't know if we'd ever be or, if we were, how long it would be before we could be called that. My throat still closes with emotions thinking over all that this strong woman has done for us and our girl. We will be doing an open adoption and can love knowing that our daughter will always know that she went from loving arms to loving arms. :)


So, finally the day came when the waiting was over & the doc said it was time. It was 2 weeks before she was due to arrive but our baby mama was retaining too much fluid, something we quickly learned can be so incredibly dangerous to baby and mama, so the doc said it was time for a c-section. We loaded up and hit the road to south Louisiana and with nerves aplenty, I put on the suit to go into the operating room with our birth mama. FYI, clay de-volunteered himself to be in the delivery room in the interest of self preservation because my honey does NOT do blood! #doyouboo #nojudgement #ididntwanthimpassingouteither And at 12:52 PM on 3/13/18, Andrianna Katherine, whom we like to call Andy Kate, was born into this world with a head full of hair, lungs to let us know she was NOT happy about being cold and out of the womb, and 8 lbs & 21 in. of pure cuteness and joy! Needless to say, we were all wrapped around her little finger from the moment we saw her! She is sweetness itself and the most laid back baby ever. We may not be sleeping much these days but boy is she worth every bit of sleeplessness. I still can't believe that I'm a mama and that my handsome hubs is a daddy! Thank you all for loving us on this journey of adoption and showing so much support! I pray Andy Kate knows how loved she really is one day and that the Lord has had His hand on her little life from before she ever thought of! Also, check out my girl, Soul Dreamer Photography, who did our Fresh 48 Session at the hospital and my friend & fellow adoptive mama, Love by Lindey, who did our Newborn session! We couldn't be more in love with these pictures!! Now, to decide what to print!!