Meet my girl, Emily. Friend to many, girlfriend to Clayton, amazing model (she's down to let me try anything), blogger extraordinaire, event coordinator, and she makes killer products (sundaymorningpost.etsy.com/)! She's as awesome as she looks and as fun and sweet as can be! She just moved up to Seattle with her honey so we're missing her a pretty good bit down here in Louisiana but excited to see what the future has for them! We had so much doing these headshots together and I love that she was down with not getting just the basic headshot. I mean, those are great but I love thinking outside the box and Emily was fully on board to try something a little different. In fact, most of these were her ideas! :) So, I had to share some of these with you! Hop on over to her blog (sundaymorningpost.com) & her Etsy shop for some cool travel adventures and tips and fun calligraphy!