EXPECTO::Harry Potter::Norton At Night Event

To say that Harry Potter 

To say that Harry Potter has a huge fan base is an understatement. I would have to say that some of Mr. Potter's biggest fans live right here in Shreveport based off of the popularity of this amazing event the incredible crew of R.W. Norton Art Gallery pulled off. They announced that tickets were up for grabs and within 2 minutes (yes, you read that right!), the event had sold out!! WHAT?? Needless to say, Norton's did not disappoint! From the incredible food from Drake Catering , to the decorations made and displayed with such care and minute detail, to the costumes worn by one & all who attended, & to the excitement vibrating off of every staff member of Norton's, the art gallery truly transported you into the world of Harry Potter. Every guest of this event felt the magic and excitement in the air! Take a look below to see how amazing this event was and then help a girl out by begging Norton's on their fb page to do another & tell them I sent ya ;) Here's a link to their FB page to get ya started: R. W. Norton Art Galley FB Page