Ivy B Photography's "Mom"tographer Class

One of the common questions I'm asked all the time is "How does my camera work?" or "What's this button mean" or even "Man! My kids are always moving so they're always blurry in my photos! What do I do to fix this?" So, I figured it was time to have a class. A "mom"tographer class! I teamed up with some of my favorite vendors (who also happen to be some of my favorite people as well) to create a class that you would not only learn photography in, but also, other crafty, artsy things that I've heard several parents ask about. Enter Mattie Sumner, owner of Mattie Sumner: Floral and Landscape Services, and my dear friend Crystal Ross, an amazing cake decorator; but don't call her because she's not doing it anymore...although my plan is to get her to do all of our future kids cakes but shhhh!! I have to convince her ;) We brought our A games to make this an experience our lovely attendees would never forget! Crystal started us off by teaching us how to make our own amazing looking cupcakes to be that crafty mom & friend at bday parties. Mattie, then, took over by teaching us how to do floral arrangements. I finished by teaching our gorgeous ladies how to work their cameras in manual mode to get the best images! Huge thank you to Guiseppe's Pasta Cafe (https://www.facebook.com/Giuseppes-Pastacaffe-1552895508070714/ ) for feeding us & to the Bossier Arts Council (https://www.facebook.com/bossierarts/) for hosting us!

After lunch, we went upstairs to my studio to put our new knowledge in practice. All I can say is Mattie & Crystal know how to do a tablescape!! It completely blew us away! Special thanks to Joy Rawls for letting us use her awesome props to decorate with & to our stunning model, Cherish Roberts, for killing it! Love you ladies!

Ok so lots of serious pics but the whole time we're cracking up behind the scenes ;)

OK, OK! Back to the serious modeling 

Couldn't have done it without these beauties! Thankful for y'all, friends!