Lowder Baking Co::Commercial Session::Shreveport, LA

Ever miss that taste of homemade bread fresh out of the oven? Or how about the sweet, but not too sweet, pastries that your grandmother used to make? Unless you’re an amazing cook, unlike me #fixitjesus, you’ve got to search high and low for a bakery that creates masterpieces that melt in your mouth and give you that amazing feeling of nostalgia the minute that incredible bread touches your tongue. Trust me, my friends, it. is. hard. to. find! Thankfully, my amazing friends, Sarah & Preston Lowder, have opened their store front, Lowder Baking Co. Known for their delicious, can’t-get-enough, southern King Cakes, they opened this store front the beginning of this year and people went nuts in this town. They seriously make the best king cakes EV!! (seriously, if you’ve never had a king cake or know what it is, imma need you to use the google machine to look it up. Mardi Gras is huge here in Louisiana and so are King Cakes!) However, king cake season was coming to an end and they had already had a plan in motion for their next venture into the bakery world! Bread upon bread, pastries, cookies, cookie sandwiches, cookie cakes, I mean the list could go on, y’all! Lowder did not disappoint with these new recipes either! The bread is melt-in-your-mouth, tastes-like-home, I’m-going-to-spend-all-my-money-here good. The pastries & cookies will make you wanna slap ya mama…but don’t because here in the south, mama’s slap back ;) #run

Needless, to say, if you haven’t discovered Lowder Baking Co. yet or if you have discovered them but haven’t tried their delectable goods, you are doing yourself a disservice. Y’all go see my friends and let there be a party in your mouth! #whydepriveyourself #amiright??