Mom-tography Class at R. W. Norton Art Gallery

I am so incredibly proud of all of these ladies! When the R. W. Norton Art Gallery and I teamed up to bring our community this Mom-tography Class, we knew we’d have fun but, y’all, these ladies were SO. MUCH. FUN! We wanted to make this a laid back, enjoyable class where everyone felt comfortable asking questions so that they walked away knowing exactly what they needed to get those stunning pictures of their babies. These 15 ladies did just that & didn’t let the fear of “manual mode” on their cameras, run them off. I’m not going to lie, learning manual mode on your camera is quite intimidating and a lot of people (cough cough I’m "a lot of people”) have to listen, try it out, and take a break. Then a few weeks later, do all of that again. Not only did they grasp all of the concepts easily, they also very quickly took on the task of shooting, posing, working with aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and even asking questions if they found themselves stumped. We also have to say a big thank you to Norton Art Gallery for their generosity in hosting us, my incredible assistant, Shelby Brannan, & our stunning models, Abbey & Avery Dipboye, Olivia Hebert, & Olivia Holland. Take a look below to see some of the shots these ladies learned to capture at our class :)