7 Tips to Help Improve Your Phone Photography

Taking pictures is FUN! Unfortunately, you're not always going to have a professional photographer following you around to snap that adorable moment of your baby in the bathtub or your kids making cookies in the kitchen. However, modern technology has given us a lot of power through our cell phones! Taking pictures with our cell phones is easier than ever, and it's so convenient! 

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your cell phone pictures! 

Use Alllllll the Light

This is one of the main reasons pictures on phones (or cameras) don’t turn out. Lighting is SO important! If you’re simply looking for a clear well-lit shot of a subject, the first thing you need to do is locate where the light is currently coming from. If you’re near a window during the daytime, have your subject stand facing the window for good, clear lighting. It works similarly outdoors – just make sure the subject is facing the light!

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Avoid Zoom

Zoom on phone cameras is not what you think it is. Yes, it can get the job done, but you won’t get anywhere near the quality that you’d get without the zoom. In order to get a better shot of your subject, simply walk closer. Or, you can take a picture from further away and crop it later to focus on the subject you’re aiming to photograph.

Utilize the focus

This is a great feature on phone cameras! Typically, with most phones, if you tap on the screen while taking a picture, the camera will focus in on the area that you tapped. By tapping on the screen, you are telling the camera to focus in on that specific subject.

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Clean your lens

Sounds obvious, right?? Nope! So many people walk around with a dirty camera lens. Think about it – everything you do ALL day. The typical cell phone user touches their cellphone 2,617 times per day, and that’s just your basic average. Taking the 5 seconds to wipe off the lens could make a huge difference

Beware of Distracting Backgrounds

This doesn't mean waiting until you have NOTHING in the background to take the picture. However it's important to keep the focus of your photo on the subjects. 

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Take Multiple Shots

Unless you are completely out of storage space on your phone, there’s no reason not to take multiple shots! You keep the ones you like and you delete the ones you don’t…it’s that simple! Instead of taking the same shot 5 times, try taking the photo from different angles and distances. It can make a huge difference and give you more content to choose from!

Just remember that these are general rules-of-thumb for every day pictures and we totally encourage experimenting and getting artsy with a camera! Enjoy, and keep on capturing those moments!