Mom-tographer class is coming!!

Y’all! I am so excited to say this! the R.W. Norton Art Gallery and I have teamed up to throw you a workshop!! I get questions almost every day from friends, mamas’, photographers just starting out, etc. asking HOW do they work this camera? Or I hear stories about how someone got this amazing camera for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, or a birthday so that they could capture those awesome photos of their kids, grandkids, friends, adventures (or whatever reason you can think of) but they were so intimidated or overwhelmed but all the buttons that they just set it aside to collect dust or they only use their camera in auto mode. The problem with dust collecting is… well, my friends, you spent way too much money on that beautiful piece of machinery to let it just sit there. Also, I promise you that you can totally do this! The problem with using auto is that no matter how great a shot you may get here and there from the auto mode on this incredible new fangled camera, you’re still going to have problems with focus, motion blur, etc. Y’all, let me help you! I love teaching this craft that I so much enjoy! I can help take away all of the overwhelming, discombobulating (sp?), multitude of information that you can find on youtube or google and make this so easy you won’t even have to think about this. Plus, we’ll be providing food, you’ll get to shoot on Norton’s grounds, you’ll receive a fun goody bag, and you’ll get to hang with me and play with that fancy camera. Why wait, y’all?

Below are some of the photos we’ve gotten from past workshops that YOU could be taking of your kiddos! & here’s a link to get your ticket now:

We only have 18 spots so make sure to book now so you don’t miss out!