Daniel+Kimberly::Pregnancy Announcement::Shreveport, LA


I met my precious friend, Kimberly, through our amazing friend, Christi Nutt (she shot Kimberly's wedding. Check out Christi's work at: Christi Martin Photography). Christi had Kim come over to do a Stella & Dot show at her house one night around Christmas last year &, of course, had a blast and talked & laughed about everything under the sun, including my starting clomid (check out that story here: http://www.ivybphotography.com/blog/bringbabyfrenchhome). Hours later, I got a Facebook message from her asking if it would be alright if she asked why I was starting clomid. I'm an open book y'all. Probably more so than I should be haha but I figured why not and began to tell her our story. She in turn shared with me their journey with infertility and thus began an incredible friendship. #sothankfulshemessaged We checked in with each other a few times a month and felt the pain each month when both of us weren't pregnant, that we'd both miscarried (her 3 times), that our hormones were going freaking nuts, etc. We also laughed a lot at our hormonal selves and at life in general. A few months down the road, I was able to share with her that we had decided to adopt after lots of prayer and, y'all, while I know she wanted a baby as much as we did, she rejoiced with me in this adventure my husband and I were embarking on. Then came the day...the day she and her husband had been praying for...the day that I'd been fervently praying for my friend, over my friend...I was standing in the UPS store and she texted me that they really needed to set up their mini session appointment to support us...BUT THEY WANTED IT TO BE THEIR PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! I kid you not, I started crying right there in UPS. I did my best to stealthily cry...haha yeah right! My precious friend was finally preggers!!! Every time she's been sick for this child, tired, etc. it has  been pure joy for her and when we finally shot their session, she simply GLOWED. They brought balloons to honor their 3 rainbow babies and, of course, the sonogram of their soon to be here little nugget. Kimberly and Daniel, we are so excited for y'all!! That baby is so loved and is going to have the best parents!! Congrats, sweet friend!