Southern Dear Boutique::Shreveport, LA::Commercial Session

Meet my friend, Brea Lee. We met in college and hit it off immediately! Brea has always been one of the smartest, most fun, beautiful people I know and now she's put her hand to opening Southern Dear Boutique (*hint *hint click on that word and it'll take you to their page) and y'all... IT. IS. AWESOME! There's clothing, jewelry, shoes, & accessories for all ages and all sizes. Personally, I spend way too much there already haha! Southern Dear Boutique is located at 8510 Line Ave, Ste. D, Shreveport, Louisiana, LA 71106. Just look for the turquoise door! We had so much fun showcasing many of the styles that SDB carries...and also did lots of praying that the rain would hold off! ;) Hope you enjoy and make sure to go check out SDB! Proud of you, Brea! (also, how cute is Brea's daughter, Pepper? #cantdealwithallthatcutesness)