Taylor & Logan::Engaged::Shreveport, LA

I get to be a part of some of the coolest moments in life in this job...& I also have to stay on my toes because you never know what will happen. So, let me set the scene: I'm editing away at my desk on a Tuesday when I get this call from an excited but also totally-not-sure-what-I-even-need-to-ask-for gentleman. He's very polite and sweet and tells me that he needs some info on pictures. I can tell he's needing a little direction as to how to go about this so I start my normal routine of questions to help narrow down what it is he's needing. Come to find out, he's going to propose to his sweet girlfriend on the sunflower trail in Gilliam, LA and wants to hire me to capture the moment!!! O.M.G!!! These type of sessions are some of my FAVORITE!!! So, we start to formulate a plan. Logan (groom to be) is going to run out there to pick a spot and drop me a pin but he's gotta be in super stealth mode so Taylor (soon to be bride) doesn't catch on. OK, Logan scopes it out drops me a pin, we set a date and time for that weekend around 2:00PM, and we are set! Let's do this, right? This guy is so excited and wants to give the love of his life a proposal she'll never forget and I get to play a small part in this! Have I said I love my job yet??? Because I sure do! Cut to D Day. I show up 45 min early in my excitement for this big moment for the happy couple and realize that...oh no... this is a MASSIVE field I'm meeting him. How the heck am I going to find Taylor & Logan? So, I starting thinking ok, no big deal! We're going to be fine. I'm just going to text him and tell him exactly where I'm at with landmarks and be super visible (don't worry, I wore some super bright pink yoga pants and bright white tshirt) so there're no way I can be missed....brilliant plan, right? I'm standing there and I finally get a text back from the excited and nervous groom to be that they're almost there & what they're wearing so I can be looking for them and I set up. I'm telling people as they accidentally get in my shot that they gotta move and make myself super visible. The people I've had move are all into this too, excitement is in the air, we're all totally in stealth mode, and the wait is on...But after 15 min, I still don't see them so I try to text him...no answer. I wait another 15 min, and try to text again...and still no answer... Y'all, I'm getting nervous. Surely I didn't miss them?? After 45-60 min. of waiting I finally try to call him and I get his voicemail. To say that I'm praying that they're ok and not in a ditch on the side of the road is an understatement haha I leave a message saying something along the lines of "Hey Logan, I hate to do this but I'm going to have to go. I really hope everything's ok but I've been out here an hour and never found y'all so just give me a call later so I know y'all are ok". 30 minutes later, my phone rings and it's LOGAN!! I quickly grab it and he says:

Logan: Hey!

Me: heeeeyyy, everything ok? (he doesn't sound hurt or upset so what in the world? this is bizarre. Did I get the date and time wrong?)

Logan: Didn't we just take pictures with you?? I'm so confused! I just got your voicemail and I don't understand

Me: !!!...... Ummmm... no? I waited for about an hour but never saw y'all. I saw a few people in the outfits you described but it was never y'all from the pictures I saw of y'all on fb so I have no. idea. who. you just took pictures with but it sure wasn't me.

Logan: what???? I am so confused! Why did that guy follow us to the other location after I proposed?? I'm so confused!

Me: Well, I'm guessing she said yes, right? hahahaha

Y'all!!! In Logan's excitement he didn't see my text about where to meet me, I had no idea the field we were meeting at was so large, and he goes to pop the question and some random person is there, realizes what's happening and starts to snap away...and then follows them to another location just up the road to do some engagements!! hahahaha What in the world??? Logan & Taylor, told me they thought it was so weird that this guy didn't help them pose but he was so nice LOL Thankfully, Logan & Taylor are rockstars & completely understood the situation and confusion and rescheduled their engagement session with me for a few days later. I'm heartbroken I missed the big moment but these too lovebirds still had the moment captured but the sweet stranger and we all had some good laughs over this craziness. I have photographed several proposals but this one takes the cake for the funniest & most memorable. When we finally met in person, their love & excitement was so evident and I could not have been more thankful, not only for their patience and understanding, but also to simply these know them! Congratulations, y'all!! So very happy for you!!