Unicorns::Shreveport, LA Fairytale Styled Shoot

Ever had an idea get stuck in your head and you can never let it go until you do whatever that idea is? Welllll, I love fairytales. Always have and always will. Life gets tough enough or boring or whatever emotion you want to call it, so the idea of being able to escape to this magical world in a book or movie has always been my fave! So, have I thought about a unicorn shoot? Heck yeah! Did I ever think I'd do one? HECK NO!! Y'all...I am TERRIFIED of horses. Like shaking in my boots, I'm walking the other direction if one even looks at me...ironically, most of my family are big horse people hah! Missed that gene! However, my gorgeous, funny, talented, amazing friends Jinnie and Robyn and I were talking about how much we hated looking at unicorns photos one day at lunch because they're so childish and always use those neon colors (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about). Now, while there is certainly nothing wrong with neon and bright colors, what occurred to us was that we'd never seen a shoot done that made the unicorn seem real... as though you could actually find one somewhere in this world. Thus began.... #teamunicorn ;) I think I almost gave my friend Jessica a heart attack when I text her to ask if she knew of a white horse we could use for this shoot...Ok, I about had a heart attack thinking about even being close to a horse but we must press on for art! #amiright The next thing I know, Jessica has a horse for us, (Thanks Eileen!)Robyn is doing hair because she's a stupid talented hair stylist (seriously, GO. TO. HER!), has recruited the ever awesome Kayce Best with Couture Cosmetics, and has gotten the incredibly, talented florist, Page Porter, with Euphoria Floral Designs LLC. So, my next thought is that we need an epic dress...enter the stunning, precious, so cool, Jacqui Woodard, owner of Fabulous Frocks Bridal of Shreveport. Suddenly, we've gotten a powerhouse of ladies together to create an ethereal fairytale styled shoot that I've only dreamed of! I cannot thank these ladies enough and their stunning daughters, Ryleigh and Piper, granddaughter, Kenna, and friend, Heather Binyon, for being the best models a girl could ask for and making this vague idea of unicorns come to life! Also, I may have gotten over my crippling fear of horse because my girl, Eileen, never gave me a chance to run but brought Gunner right up to me and made me feed him a carrot (yeah there was a major inner monologue going on when this happened to "Stay cool, Ivy!" but I survived and am a very big fan of our gentle, giant horse star, Gunner). #happydance Here are a few of my favorites! Hope you enjoy!