Taryn+Logan::Shreveport, LA Couples Session

Some friends come into your life for a season and some friends are your forever friends that are more like family. Well, meet Taryn & Logan. They are our people and we adore them...ok maybe stalk them a little ;) They knew my husband longer than I've known my husband and loved him then & then made me just as much theirs when Clay & I met. They are our forever family friends that lived walking distance from us and we pestered each other on the regular...and then they left us #WeHaveALoveHateRelationshipWithMedSchool #ButYayForResidency #StillSucksForUS #HashtagLove <---Sorry, I can't help myself! On the bright side though, WE'RE GOING TO SEE THEM THIS WEEKEND (happy dancing about this) in San Antonio and the fun shall commence! We love you Vincent's & now that I've fully embarrassed and harassed you enough I shall stop ;) Enjoy!